Lady Trillion

WOW Productions presents Lady Trillion. Its a scifi, fantasy, animation, action and romantic movie. The shoots for the movie took place in many locations including Mumbai,London, Cannes and Jersey. Rachanaa Jain is playing the lead role in the movie and she has been wearing over 50 costumes in the entire movie with designers from many countries including Philippines, Ireland, England, India, China and Turkey. There are 4 songs in the movie namely Lady Trillion, Ameera Ameera, Living the Dream and Touch the Sky. Rachanaa Jain has written and recorded all the songs and she is producer as well as director for the movie. Casts and Crew for the movie are from all over the world including India, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Philippines, China, India, England, US, Canada and Australia. The movie will be submitted to film festivals and released soon.




Before she became Lady Trillion  ( Rachanaa Jain) Victoria is an alien from a planet called Trillion and gets attacked by an enemy so she escapes and miraculously lands on earth. She then explores and enjoys life on earth and becomes a Princess. However Pandemic hits on earth and she fights and rescues civilians with her alien super powers and makes new friends with Jake and Ben. However there are some enemies Brisbane, Harrison and Williamson who try to stop her from helping others and she fights back. Jake and Ben fall in love with Victoria and she realizes that her life purpose is helping others on earth.


  • Rachanaa Jain :- Victoria Lead Role UK
  • Lisa Kate :- Brisbane Lead Role UK
  • Andrew Cory :-Jake Lead Role UK
  • Kevin Ellis :- Harrison Lead Role UK
  • Raghav Sharma :- Ben Lead Role India

Supporting Roles

  • Veer Singh Sodha UK
  • Luke Brand UK
  • Sara Star Hassany Netherlands
  • Babac Sweden
  • Ashley Richardson UK
  • Dr Olympia Ghellini USA
  • Andres Aquino USA
  • Antonia Spice Belgium
  • Abhishek Singh India
  • Kamil Khan India
  • Evelyn Cheung UK

Costume Designers

  • Andres Aquino USA
  • John Guarnes Philippines
  • Asta Jakubson Ireland
  • Mihaela Panaitescu UK
  • A Touch Too Wild UK

Post Productions

J.D.P.I Productions

Managed by

  • Yagnik Pravin Thakar
  • Harsh Panchamiya


  • Rachanaa Jain UK
  • Kelem France
  • dimos zagaris Greece

Personal Trainer, Diet and Nutrition Coach for Rachanaa Jain

Taz Dunstan XL Training Australia


  • Sara Star Hassany
  • CosmeticsForever Living
  • Colmag Eyewear Sunglasses
  • Coscentra BV Perfumes Netherlands
  • Handbags and Accessories Desziree Richardson  Face of Women of Heart Awards


  • Adrie Van D Nieuwenhouf Art Director Netherlands
  • Zoe Szymon Creative Director Greece

Audio Sound Engineers

  • Daniel Kerridge
  • Danny Hack

Video Editing

  • Harsh Panchamiya
  • Mandar Panchal

Sound Engineers

  • Dhruv Patel
  • Mahavir Shah

VFX Artist

Keyur Vithlani

Voiceover Artists

  • Danny Hack
  • Kevin Ellis
  • Daniel Kerridge
  • Riley Clarke
  • Zoe Szymon
  • Adrie Van Nieuwenhof
  • Steph Elmore
  • Rachanaa Jain
  • Lisa Kate


  • Kamil Khan India
  • Kam Murli UK
  • Evelyn Cheung UK
  • Alan Mills UK
  • Tomas Koperski Netherlands
  • Vibe Roger France


  • Sapna Shah Turakhia India
  • Julie Yallar UK

Animation Director

  • Zoe Szymon
  • Adrie Van Niewenhouf

SDFC Dancers India

  • Tanvi Shah
  • Divya Soni

Jewellery Designers

  • Guilia Losco Italy
  • Eternity Diamonds India

Audio Recording

  • Studio Rhythm  India
  • Honywood Studios UK

Hair and Makeup

Bianca Natalie Sanasi UK

Models from Sara Star Modelling Agency Netherlands

  • Farah Akimi
  • Parisa Anj